Privacy Policy

The St. David’s School website,, is designed to be the representation of our school to online visitors as well as a key point of contact for those already a part of the St. David’s community. The content of pages on is closely monitored as these pages represent St. David’s School. Publishing on our website is regulated by the Marketing & Communications Office and the Director of Marketing & Communications. Requests for modifications to the information presented here should be forwarded to
Some information presented on our website is designed for internal constituents only, and is therefore password protected; this information is not to be used by those without a password-protected account. All information of any sort presented on is for private use only, and any use for commercial, or non-school related purposes, is strictly prohibited.
Unless otherwise indicated, all pages and their contents are copyright of St. David’s School. Due to the nature of the web publishing process, the Marketing & Communications Office is not responsible for the content of pages not residing at, nor does the information presented on such pages necessarily constitute official school information. St. David’s School does not pre-approve, monitor, or edit web pages not residing on The views and opinions expressed are those of the page authors, and comments on the content of those pages should be directed to the page authors.
Any questions regarding these acceptable use policies should be directed to