Planned Giving

Middle School

St. David's welcomes planned gifts in the form of Bequests, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts, and Life Insurance and can assist donors who wish to include any of these in their estate planning.

Donors who make a planned gift of any type will become members of the Daffodil Society.

Please contact Mary Allison Raper for more information.

How Planting Today Ensures Future Growth

Each spring, one of the first flowers to sprout from the earth and reach toward the sun is the daffodil. Eager to breathe and grow, the daffodil signals to us all that the time for new beginnings and opportunity is upon us.

Planned Giving

The flower was adopted in Wales to celebrate St. David’s Day, and honor a man who exemplified the ideals of faith, virtue, and knowledge from youth to adulthood. Born in the 6th century to a Christian family of royal lineage, Saint David received a monastic education and was thrust into national leadership at a young age when he was selected to become the Archbishop of Wales. He was recognized for his eloquent defense of Christianity, his outwardly visible life of piety, and his passion to serve the Lord. 

It is from these important and symbolic meanings that the St. David’s Daffodil Society was born – a legacy society that honors donors who make a planned gift to the school. Just as a daffodil bulb is planted in soil, given water and nourishment, and grows strong and steadfast, planned gifts allow our school to plant roots in a solid foundation with the promise of growth and success in the future.  

Kathy and Bill Teague, grandparents of William ’29 and Davis ’32, were excited to make their planned gift to St. David’s, in honor of their grandchildren and the impact of their education.  

“St. David’s is a joyful place. We are so happy anytime we have the chance to come on campus. Our grandsons adore their teachers, and we love the relationship that St. David’s has forged between our boys.”

Planned gifts, such as bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and life insurance, are excellent ways to support the school and our community in a way that ensures future strength and success. These foundational investments allow our current and future students to reach their full potential through a comprehensive curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, faculty relationships and mentorships, innovative technology and design, and a robust array of co-curricular programs. 

"St. David's is a joyful place. We are so happy anytime we have the chance 
to come on campus. Our grandsons adore their teachers, and we love the relationship that St. David's has forged between our boys."Kathy and Bill Teague,
St. david's Grandparents

“Our thought is while annual gifts maintain, it is endowments that sustain schools like St. David’s. We want to help assure a St. David’s opportunity for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.”

Most importantly, planned gifts assure that the future of St. David’s is tied to its past. In an ever-changing world, it has never been more important to anchor our students and our community in our fundamental beliefs and our dedication to learning and growing in the vital areas of faith, virtue, and knowledge. 

“St. David’s is school done in the way I always thought it should be. That may seem old school in the current environment but we love that faith is completely integrated and interwoven into our boys’ education. St. David’s has managed to bring faith to the forefront of learning – it is not compartmentalized to just faith on Sundays.”