Make Play Possible

Whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, on the stage, or on the playground -- St. David’s School is committed to the education of each child’s heart, mind and body. 

Over the course of a year, the new playground was carefully designed by teachers, staff, and parents, in coordination with Carolina Parks and Play. We are excited to share these renderings of the final design with you! 

Over the course of a year, the new playground was carefully designed by teachers, staff, and parents, in coordination with Carolina Parks and Play. Over the course of just a few months, our community gave a total of $368,863.16. Because of your generosity, we were able to start installing the playground in Summer 2021. 

Now it serves our students as a place for imagination and fellowship, because YOU made play possible.

Thank you to these generous donors.

Check Out the New Design!

Champion Donors

Rommel Wilson Memorial Fund
Kevin J. Lockerbie
Ashley and Jeremy Spivey
Friends of St. David's School
Mary Dee and Mike Smith


Anonymous (3)
Jennifer and Haywood Alexander
Lydia and Will Anders
Marci and Trey Bailey
Sarah and Austin Barnhill
Betsy Gray and Alban Barrus
Lexie and Wesley Batchelor
Caroline and Nick Beaird
Anna and Cliff Benson
Emily and Marc Best
Martha Lee and Ryan Brissette
Laura and Watson Bryant
Mary Kathryn and Joseph
Gena and Michael Burnett
Ashley and Anthony Capozzoli
Juanita and Joe Carrabba
Marina and Justin Carreker
Ebba and Roberto Casas
Celeste and Chris Chapman
Sarah Sims and Mark Chesson
Mamie Jo and Neal Coker
Page and Paul Conway
Kali and Parker Cooper
Jessica and Joe Crawford
Silvana and Mario
Angela and Dimitri Eliopoulos
Nicole and Charlie Feehely
Anne and Van Fletcher
Sarah Ford and Steve Neorr
Elie and Charlie Foy
Fred Smith Company
Friends of St. David's School
Jillian and Justin Good
Anna and Jimmy Goodmon
Joy and Jeff Gordon
Alyson and John Grimes
Mary and Jim Haugh
Sara and Matt Hillegass
Whitney and Zach Hilton
Blair and Joe Hogan
Kristen and Aaron Hudson
Michelle and Bradley Jenkins
Dale Jenkins
JJCJ Foundation Inc
Tyler and Michael Johnson
Tabitha and Waverly Jones
Julie and Brad Kelly
Melis and Sean Kelly
Dare and Pedro Krompecher
Kulynych Family Foundation
Whitney and Brian Leary
Miriam and Don Leshnock
Ruiwen Zhang and Feng Liu
Sheryl and Tad Lowdermilk
Lower School Students
Nicole Scouras and
  Wissam Mansour
Jamie and Matt Martin
Elizabeth and John Matthews
Annie and Jeremy McCargo
Donna and Billy McClatchey
Katie and Shep McKenzie
Sarah and David Merriman
Karin and Ryan Messmore
Microsoft Corporation
Ronda and Warté Moore
Jamie and Brian Mountain
Anne and Wesley Newton
Nina Newton
Nina O'Neal
Sue-Leigh and Gary Palin
Charlotte and Matthew
Pam and Steve Patrick
Bess and John Pitt
Lisa and Ven Poole
Mary Whitney and
  David Rakestraw
Mary Allison and Locke Raper
Kaitlin Rothecker and
  Justin Keever
Anne and Bill Sena
Courtney and Lindsay Sewell
Anne and Nathan Singerman
Katie and David Slawinski
Gigi and Charlie Smith
Mary Dee and Mike Smith
Mary Phillips and
  David Snider
Meredith and Andrew Sparrow
Jessica and Avery Sparrow
Ashley and Jeremy Spivey
Leigh and Graham Stallings
Angela Tankard
Katherine and Will Teague
Temple Sloan Family

Kathleen Terry Guy and
  Mark Guy
Elisabeth and Bernie
  Van Order
Danielle and Charles Ward
Laura and Tim Ward
Robin and Jay Wells
LeeAnne and Don Whitworth
Heather and Michael Wick
Louise and Phil York
Beth and Wesley Young
Hollan and Glenn Young
Maya Zumwalt and Brian Go

In Memory of Hans Erickson

Jo Ann Aaronson
Robert Laurel Allen
Allison Alston
Stacey Archer
Sally Boggs Bashore
Frederick Beseler
Linda Betsinger
Eva Dahl and
  Barry Blomquist
Dori Boggs
Anant Borole
Karen Shawn and 
  Keith Breiman
James Brennan
Brent Brown
Cadet Company F-1,
  West Point Class of 1995
Rebecca Cahak
Melvin Cain
Rob Cato
Cleary-Kumm Foundation
Darryle and Marv Clott
Stephen Cook
Joan Cooper
Brian Cox
Christopher Crane
Maggi Cudney
Kevin Daly
Brian Davis
Joseph Davis
Neil Duresky Del Bello
Brady Demarest
Brendon DiBella
Dean Dorman
Tracy Dougal
Myan Duong
Elizabeth Earle
Bruce Erdmann
George Farthing
Angela Faust
Mark Faust
Lisa Ferguson
Lisa Marie and David Ferrell
Anna Christina Fleury
Casey Fram
Maureen and       
  Robert Freedland
Matthew Friedlander
Amanda Garrison
Aurora Goodman
Jeannie Gordon
Jeff Gribschaw
Michele Gross
Lynn and Daniel Gundlach
Lynne and Thomas Hansen
Ellen and Ron Hanson
Bruce Hargus
Sonja and Douglas Haske
Jane and William Hathaway
Pat and Joe Heim
Clarence Helman
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Helton
Paul Henke
Margaret Herlitzka
Hoang-Kruzick Family
Sheila Horney
Monique and James Howe
Carolyn Hunsicker
Christine Intagliata
Matthew Isbell
Patrick Jamin
Cecilia Jones
Sharon and Ed Karlman
Erica Kashambuzi-Mayer
Karen and Mike Keil
Catherine Kelly
Gerald Kember
Scott Kenyon
Ann and Mark Kepke
Ben Kettle
Paul Kirschbaum
Susan Kittleson
Lucas Klein
Lisa Kobs
Cecily Kovatch
Frances Lawler

Andrew Lent
Heidi and Wayne Ludkey
Josh Lutzker
Robie MacLaughlin
Mike McCollum
Sandy McCormick
Kathleen McNeillMary and Randy Mickelson
Brian Mignault
Mitzi and Bud Miyamoto
Millicent Mooring
Eric Moujaes
Mary MurphyJohn Mustin
Bonnee and Pete Nelson
Susan Nelson
Tracey Nelson
Sean Noble
Sunny Novacheck
Kathryn Jean Olson
Jennifer Painter
Viviana Perenzin
Myron Pilat
Joseph Pinnix
Tom Poehling
Ed Przytarski
Shailin Rahmani
Nathan Reel
Lisa Reimler
James Ringstrom
Christy Ritter
Joe Ross
Denise Rostad
LuAnn and Chuck Roth
Karen and Brian Rude
Jan Sahagian-Crandall
Gary Salamido
Adam Samuelsson
Nicholas Schulz
Andrew Sellers
Stacy Shapiro
Dave Skogen
Brian Smith
Steve Smith
Albert Springall
Mary Anne and Dave Stacy
Karla Stanek
Pam Starcher
Karen Steans
Patrick Steinhoff
Charles Stevens
Joy and Joe Stewart
Sally and Peter Stinson
Kathie and Will Stronach
Carol Taebel
Robyn and Michael Tanke
Craig Taylor
Julie and Chuck Thoftne
Diane Thomas
Bobby Trinh
Andrea Twedell
Vicharin Vadakan
Kathleen and David
Kristen Vinik
Kevin Walbrick
Linda and Gregory Walters
Charles Weber
Gloria Weisbecker
Ben Weiss
Peter Wilkinson
Eline Wilson
William Younglove
Sharon Yushta
Mari and Michael Zimet
Justin Ziznewski
Mary Ann and Mark Zuber

Playground Committee

Shannon Barbour, Lower School Instructor​
Will Coley, Lower School Instructor​
Anne Fletcher, Board Liaison​
Dave Geesey, Facilities Manager
Matt Hillegass, Head of School​
Katrina Kuczynski, Business Office Specialist
Miriam Leshnock, Assistant Headmaster of Finance and Operations, Committee Chair​
Mary Allison Raper, Director of Advancement, Fundraising Chair​
Jason Redmond, Interim Middle School Principal​
Allyson Reynolds, Lower School Teaching Assistant​
Ashley Spivey, Parent Representative​
LeeAnne Whitworth, Lower School Principal​