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Lately I have noticed that too many children have the sense that the world has been closed off from them; that they have not been invited to give voice to the innate wonder and interest and opportunity that captivates their soul. Growing up has always been a hard thing, but so many of the social pressures our children live with are totally unnecessary and make it so much harder.

The good news is it doesn't have to be this way. In my role as headmaster at St. David's School, I have seen the star athlete open up about his deep interest in a piece of literature. I've heard the enthusiasm in the voice of a seven-year-old as he described figuring out a math problem. I have witnessed the cautious honor student win a part in the school play and then earn a standing ovation. I even got to see a ninth grader break away from her crowd of peers and extend a hand of kindness to a younger student who was having a bad day.

I see all of this on a weekly basis at St. David's. But since our founding in 1972, St. David’s (originally named Hale High School) has operated on the conviction that each child is made in the image of the God who created them and loves them. That is why St. David's is a place for students to become the fullest expression of who they already are. We call this the Warrior Within. We believe that your child has a warrior within, who can step out in freedom, curiosity, joy, and be who God made them to be.

When the warrior within steps forward courage cuts through insecurity; compassion breaks free from unkindness; the desire to discover overshadows the fear of looking different. Children can know they have a place of true belonging even as they are pushed to go beyond what they thought they could accomplish as a student, a leader, an artist, an athlete and as a friend. 

Please visit St. David's to see for yourself. Together we can inspire your child to discover their warrior within!

Jonathan Yonan, D.Phil.