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Since our founding in 1972, St. David’s (originally named, Hale High School) has set its sights on becoming nothing short of the finest school that students and teachers can make together. Aristotle thought that teachers and students shared a kind of friendship—the friendship of the master and his apprentice, who are joined in a common pursuit of what is truly good. That idea seems right to me. Not only do our teachers desire good for their students, but they are themselves lifelong students seeking better to know and love all truth. Put another way, they don’t just talk about mountains; our teachers climb mountains—tall mountains—with their students!

Talk of mountains is just about right if we are thinking about the adventure of learning. The ascent is hard, but is made possible by companions and guides. The journey takes faith and courage, and from the summit we can finally see all things. Yes, that’s right, I said “all things”, which is why we invite students to look through the microscope, climb trees, sing in harmony, debate legislation, listen to their peers, become competent in a foreign language, and train their bodies on the sports field. At St. David’s, these are not resume-building hoops to jump through, but new worlds to discover and delight in.

Talk of education by experts and specialists so often makes school seem a kind of drudgery; a thing to be gotten through before real life can begin. This is so opposite to how we think at St. David’s. The world is, as the poet Hopkins once said, “charged with the grandeur of God.” A school in the Episcopal tradition, St. David’s is established on the belief that God has created all things and called them “good.” Then he went a step further and made us in the “image of God.” This means that when your child begins to learn about the world, it is a divinely ordered thing. At least, that’s what we believe at St. David’s.

Please drop by campus to see for yourself how exceptional St. David’s is and whether it’s time for your children to start climbing mountains.

Jonathan Yonan, D.Phil.