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Fall Entry

At St. David’s School, the heart and soul of our learning community is found in the relationships that are fostered between students and their teachers, coaches and advisors.  

As you learn more about St. David’s School, I think you will discover what a special place this is, with a unique mission for preparing our students for college and life in the vital areas of faith, virtue and knowledge, where students form deep, life-long friendships and where they become excited and engaged by a broad range of opportunities in athletics, the arts, service, leadership development and a second-to-none academic program.  

At St. David’s, students are invited to come along with their teachers on an adventurous journey, a journey of awakening wonder and developing habits of heart, mind and body for a life of beholding what is truly good, for discerning with wisdom, for communicating in truth and love and for leading with strength and humility.   

On the courts and playing fields, virtues of courage and diligence are sowed in their hearts as skills are honed and friendships are galvanized among teammates. On the stage and in the studio, a capacity for deeper satisfaction grows as students are equipped to create and inspire.  

Since our founding in 1972 as Hale High School, we have known that a school like St. David’s is possible because “Christ is the image of the invisible God…all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Col 1:15-17) At   St. David’s, we dive deep into the riches of culture and creation, invest wholeheartedly in one another and prepare to share the gifts we have been given in the city of Raleigh and beyond.

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Graduates of St. David’s School are well prepared for success in college but also for being people of integrity and portals of light and hope wherever their lives take them. Our Portrait of a St. David's Graduate, as well as our Mission and Core Values, provide roadmaps which orient us as we journey together as a school, keep us aware of the terrain around us, and guide us to the proper destination.   

As you explore St. David’s, you will see that it is a place where faculty and staff join with parents and other members of the community to nurture each student to begin to grow and flourish in heart, soul, mind and strength. What more sacred partnership could there be than this?

We hope you will take an opportunity to get to know our school and we look forward to getting to know you as well. 

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Matt Hillegass,
Head of School