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Welcome to our podcast channel "Warrior Reports." Through this avenue we will explore topics of importance to the life of our St. David's community.

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Dr. Yonan presents the new 2019-20 trimester calendar and discusses the exciting changes to the St. David's school year.

Listen to the Trimesters Podcast

Family Handbook Overview

Dr. Ryan Messmore discusses changes to the St. David's Family Handbook.

Episode 5: Core

Core: Dr. Yonan discusses what St. David's shared curricular experience should look like.

Episode 4: Diversity

Diversity: Dr. Yonan discusses an approach to ensure a learning environment in which students are capable of participating in a broad, multi-perspective discourse.

Episode 3: Technology

Technology: It is the feeling of parents that technology-- the ever-present nature of it--is making parenting more challenging. Dr. Yonan discusses how St. David's School is prioritizing a student's well-being in the world of technology.

Episode 2: Character

Character: What would it be like if a school remembered that living well required practice? What if a school aimed her students toward what is truly good, even Him who is truly good?

Episode 1: Rigor

Rigor: A focused intention on the quality of student learning and not the quantity of tasks, ensuring a well-lived life for our students.

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