Leadership Opportunities

Our mission mandates that we educate young men and women of exemplary character who willingly contribute their gifts and talents to others.

Students take ownership of their St. David’s experience through opportunities for leadership, involvement, and openness to new ideas. They develop a greater sense of community and continue to grow into independent, strong intellectuals throughout these relational times that exist outside of the academic classroom.

My prefect board was filled with incredibly bright people that would soon become Morehead scholars, ivy leaguers, and others whose talents and leadership skills left me in awe. I was genuinely humbled to serve with my fellow prefects which made it hard to take charge and yet taught me what leadership is. It isn’t about being bossy or making sure things happen your way, it is about respecting the ideas and opinions of others and using them to accomplish something that is beneficial to all.

Braxton montague '16
North carolina state university

The student council presents an annual Field Day and Variety Show in the Middle and Upper Schools.