Christian Life

As a Christ-centered school founded on the historic orthodox Christian faith in the Episcopal tradition, St. David’s School is dedicated to welcoming people of all faith backgrounds.

A vital part of the St. David’s experience is exposure to a robust and vibrant Christian life. Realizing that faith and learning are inseparable, we provide students with many opportunities to discover and cultivate their faith during their years at St. David’s.

Leading in Faith

As students grow in their faith, there are numerous opportunities to take on leadership roles. Older students are encouraged to speak or lead worship during Chapel services, and they may be called to start and lead Bible studies or take on leadership responsibilities within the various fellowship groups that meet on campus. Students who take an especially active role in the Christian life of the school may apply to be a part of a student-run Christian Life Council that coordinates all student-led activity and advises the Chaplain on how Christian life at the school might be improved.

All of these components flow together to create an environment where students are engaged with the gospel of Christ Jesus, have the regular opportunity to apply it to their lives, and are nurtured by a loving, yet challenging community as they grow toward maturity.

In my three short years at St. David's, I was given countless opportunities to lead in significant ways at the school. My time as spiritual life prefect taught me invaluable ministry skills so that I could let the Lord work through me while also helping me grow in my faith.
Jack Tanner '17