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College Eligibility

Parents and student athletes:

If you are a senior who is planning to participate in Division I or II sports as a college freshman, fall is the time to register to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center. Student athletes need to do their part and complete the paperwork required for NCAA eligibility. You must do this in order to qualify for college athletics at the Division I or II level.

The NCAA Eligibility Center is in place to make sure student athletes take a certain amount of “core” courses in high school. Core courses include math, science, social science, English, foreign language, and some elective courses in these areas. It does NOT include courses such as Bible, computer courses, health, physical education, art, music, etc. You can see a list of St. David's School core courses through the NCAA eligibility website.

Student athletes who wish to compete in Div. I or Div. II college athletics need to pay attention to the amount of core courses they will be completing. Also, if you are a student-athlete and wish to compete at a college that belongs to the NAIA, there is a registration process to go through. You must register through the NAIA eligibility website.

St. David's High School Code: 343236

The website links to both of these eligibility centers are listed for your convenience.



The college counseling and the athletic departments will do the best we can to advise potential student athletes, but we don’t always know the intentions of our students for college athletics. Please contact us in regards to your interest in college athletics so we can help assist in guiding you in the right direction. You have been given a great gift of athletic talents and encourage you to use them to not only be successful in your sport but to use those gifts to glorify our Lord.


BigNLI The St. David's athletic department wants to be sure to congratulate those athletes who have been offered a National Letter of Intent (NLI) to continue to play at the next level.

We will have three dates this academic year where we will have a signing event for those athletes who meet the new criteria we have set for this year.

For an athlete (or athletes) “signing” a National Letter of Intent with a school, who has been officially accepted by the college or university that they are signing with, we will host a college signing on dates set in November, February or April. Not all collegiate divisions offer a letter for athletes to sign (some D3 schools, NAIA, as examples). If you plan to continue to participate at the next level and you are able to have the college of your choice confirm you will be participating for them, we will have a celebration for you at the end of the school year (most likely in May) – because although the college may not have a letter – that does not mean that your accomplishment is any less noteworthy or exciting.

Signing dates for this academic year will be scheduled around the following dates:
November 8-15; Basketball (early signing date), all other sports (early signing date)
February 7-April 1; Football (regular signing date) & Soccer
April 11-August 1; Basketball (regular signing date), all other sports (regular signing date)

The athletic department will handle all setup and preparations for this event. We look forward to celebrating our student-athlete's achievements and their commitment to compete at the collegiate level. There will be cake provided by the athletic department and a photographer as well.

If you have any questions please contact the athletic director, Ricardo Viera.