Tuition and Fees

Your interest in the St. David's School admission process indicates your commitment to providing the best possible education for your child.  We recognize and know that the decision to attend an independent school does not come lightly.  We realize that education is an investment – it is an investment in your child’s future, and it is a financial investment that requires a considerable commitment.

2024-25 Tuition Schedule

- half day (8 AM-1 PM) $12,500
- full day (8 AM-3 PM) $13,500
Kindergarten $17,500
Grade 1 $22,500
Grade 2 $24,000
Grades 3-5 $25,100
Grade 6 $26,500
Grades 7-12 $27,900


The comprehensive tuition includes the complete cost of attendance, including tuition, food service, and applicable technology services, as well as selected social activities, and one yearbook. It does not include books and supplies. Tuition also applies to grade-level trips (as appropriate), but due to increased costs of travel, a surcharge may be applied.

St. David's offers flexible payment schedules, including one-pay, two-pay and ten-pay plans.

Additional Fees and Requirements

Affording St. David's

We believe that a St. David’s education should be accessible to students of all backgrounds, regardless of a family's financial means.  For that reason, we are committed to making tuition affordable through our tuition assistance and merit scholarship programs. These programs are designed to enroll qualified students who could not otherwise afford to attend, thus maximizing the overall strength of the student body.