International Students

St. David’s School warmly welcomes international students in the Upper School each year. These students come from a variety of countries and live with our community’s families for a real American experience.

We partner with New Oasis International Education, Inc. Students interested in applying to St. David’s should contact:

New Oasis International Education, Inc.
607 Herndon Parkway, Suite 210
Herndon, Virginia 20170 USA

Telephone: 703.429.4664 | Fax: 703.439.2668
E-mail: admissions@newoasisedu.com
Website: www.newoasisedu.com

Interested in hosting a student? Check out our Host Family FAQs and the New Oasis information. Families interested in hosting an international student should contact the Admissions Office for more information.

Host Family FAQs

How many host families does the school need?

  • We currently have three families hosting for the entire school year.

Who are the students? Where do they come from?

  • These are full-time students from China, enrolling at St. David’s for the full school year. They are applicants that the school has received via our partner relationship with New Oasis International Education (NOIE).
  • The school partners with New Oasis International Education (NOIE), which conducts a rigorous selection process in China, and recommends a pool of students for admission to the school. From this pool, the Admissions Office screens applications, and offers admission to a few select students each year.
  • Students have very strong language skills, and are ready to step into the Upper School curriculum. They intend to complete their high school education and graduate from St. David’s. While they plan to stay for multiple years, the host family commitment is initially for one year. Many families decide to renew their hosting relationship as the students become an integral part of their lives.
  • These students are highly motivated, enthusiastic about engaging fully with the school curriculum and activities, and are some of our highest achieving students. They are excited about joining a family, and experiencing American culture. They are artists, musicians, athletes, actors, academically gifted mathematicians and scientists, and they make a valuable contribution to our community.

What are the actual dates/time commitments?

  • Students typically arrive in the U.S. in early August. After a few days of orientation with New Oasis, they arrive in the homestay family a few days before school starts.
  • They may return to China for Christmas break.
  • They will return to spend the summer in China, leaving the U.S. immediately after the end of the school year.

Would we have any input in the process of matching student and family?

  • Student applications are replete with recommendations, personal narratives, and even Skype interviews. Appropriate information is made available to a prospective host family as the placement is made. Virginia Matthews (Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management) assists in facilitating the best possible placements for both students and families. (Gender match is made at the discretion of the hosting family.)

What will it cost us to host a Chinese student?

  • The families of our students from China cover the full cost of tuition and all school-related fees and expenses. They provide an allowance to their student to cover the cost of living in the U.S. – phone service, clothes, spending money, travel, etc.
  • The students’ families pay a generous stipend of $1100 per month to the host family to defray their expenses.
  • Additional financial support is typically available from the family to help with any additional costs for trips or other excursions.

What is the timeline to sign up to be a host family?

  • We are entertaining conversations now with prospective host families. Please contact Virginia Matthews if you are interested, or with any questions you may have.
  • Host family commitments will be finalized by the end of April.

What kind of support does the host family receive?

  • St. David’s has partnered with NOIE for several years. All host families are well-supported with coordinators just a phone call away. Student Homestay Coordinators stay in regular touch with visiting students and host families and troubleshoot any issues or concerns.
  • The school maintains a list of families who are unable to commit to the full duration of the homestay, but who are willing to provide ‘respite’ care when trips or events occur in the lives of the host families that require arrangements to be made for the visiting student.
  • Generous stipends easily cover the cost to host. The stipend for the current year is $1100 per month.

How is it going for those families this year?

  • Many of our current families can attest to the enriching and rewarding, as well as challenging and generous experience that it can be, to welcome a student from another culture and country into your home and family. Many of these families sign up to host multiple times. Contact us and we can put you in touch with these families.

Who do we call if we need support?

  • Virginia Matthews oversees the selection of students for admission to St. David’s.
  • New Oasis International Education has a well-organized team of staff, based in Herndon, VA, with representatives all over the southeast. They are experienced and eager to assist.