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Your interest in the St. David's application for admission indicates your commitment to providing the best possible education for your child. We are thrilled that you are considering St. David's as an educational option for your child and would be pleased to have you apply. 

Admissions Guidelines

St. David's School seeks students who will contribute to and benefit from the school's college-preparatory program. Students are selected for admission to the school on the basis of academic potential, school achievement, interest in and readiness for the school's programs, as well as a willingness to contribute to the school community. St. David’s School best serves those who are prepared and motivated to meet the requirements of a challenging academic program.  Admission is based on the completed application, the results of the admissions assessment or testing, teacher evaluations, and previous academic record.

Admissions Process

We encourage you to initiate the admissions process at your earliest convenience, noting important application deadline and notification dates. Be assured, that the admissions process will provide a thorough and impartial evaluation of your child's application.

St. David's is open to all qualified students and is committed to its admission policy as non-discriminatory on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, nationality or ethnic origin, and to administering its policies and programs accordingly.

Testing and Assessments

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Contact the Admissions Office for additional information regarding scheduling the assessment or testing appropriate for your child’s grade level.


ISEE Admissions Testing

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SSAT Admissions Testing