Technology in the Classroom

At St. David’s school, we embrace the great potential of personal computing devices in an intellectual community.

Our classrooms and libraries are technology enabled, transforming them into collaborative learning environments. All students have access to up to five licenses/downloads of Microsoft Office at no cost, through the school’s agreement with Microsoft. All Middle and Upper School students are provided with a school email address and a 30 GB cloud-storage account.


Technology is the tool that is enhancing an already strong curriculum. We want extremely well-rounded students--students who are just as equipped to function in a world with technology as without it. It's important they be fluid technology users, but also problem solvers in non-technology settings."caitie anderson,
lower school STeam teacher

We encourage students and faculty to harness the full power of digital technologies and at the same time to build good habits for responsible use in a range of contexts and spaces. We appreciate that use of technology varies for each student and teacher.