Middle School Academic Highlights

At St. David's, we celebrate the middle school years, recognizing their formative potential for shaping hearts, minds and imaginations.

During this dynamic phase of life, we continue guiding our students in ways that nurture curiosity and inspire inquiry, both in their core studies of English, math, history, science, and modern language, as well as in elective courses and co-curricular programs, from engineering and textiles to athletics and theater arts.

The middle school faculty are committed to developing fundamental skills of learning and habits of mind that will enable our students to thrive in Upper school and to be engaged, successful learners beyond their years at St. David’s. In addition to instruction around time management, study skills and research practices, students are invited to write creatively, deliberate logically, and solve problems collaboratively.

It is within the structured, nurturing environment middle school students need to feel safe and supported that faculty look for opportunities amidst the ordinary affairs of the day to cultivate attentiveness and discernment, and progressively to empower our students to become stewards of their own growth.

In so doing, each middle school student is further readied to partake of that which is truly good, and to participate in putting more of that good into the world.

Curriculum by Grade

5th Grade

In 5th grade, we roll out the welcome mat to St. David's Middle Schoolers. Students begin their journey under the guidance of encouraging...

6th Grade

The 6th grade at St. David's challenges each child to embrace increasing independence, responsibility and self-advocacy as a student...

7th Grade

Grade 7 at St. David's School is considered a transitional year as students move into their last two years of Middle School and begin...

8th Grade

As students in 8th grade continue to navigate through the changes that Middle School brings, the St. David's faculty seeks to prepare them...