Distance Learning

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The deepest, most lasting kind of learning requires being pulled out of our comfort zone. This is how we become open to new things, find new levels of resilience and emotional strength and get stretched to be innovative in our thinking. Distance learning provides some wonderful possibilities for profound learning to take place, and not just for students, but for each of us.Dr. jonathan yonan, headmaster

In March 2020, the opportunity for distance learning presented itself to the St. David’s community in the period before COVID-19 restrictions were put into place statewide. The St. David’s administration, working closely with faculty members, developed a distance-learning program that first and foremost remained true to the school’s mission to prepare students for college and life by challenging them in the areas of faith, virtue and knowledge. 

Embracing the challenges that this period provided to our community, the school quickly brought a distance learning platform online within three days of on-campus classes being suspended. The approach was not just to provide continued learning excellence for our students, but also to focus on their well-being, and maintain a sense of community for students, families and faculty and staff.

Though we would all prefer to be together on campus, teaching and learning has continued at St. David’s with minimal disruption, which is a testament to the ingenuity, resilience and generosity of our entire community (faculty, students and parents). While Distance Learning has introduced new challenges to overcome and has called upon each of us to exercise physical, mental and emotional muscles that we didn’t know we had, transformative education is always stretching us in new ways, inspiring us to ask fresh questions and moving us to deeper compassion for one another. In those ways, we are thankful to have had this opportunity to learn and grow as a school.Mr. Matt Hillegass, Middle and Upper School Principal