College Counseling

We journey alongside our students to help them discover the right fit for their higher education.

The high school years are a time of rapid development and personal discovery. St. David’s affords students opportunities to grow through academics, athletics, performing arts, service, leadership, and spiritual life. Our college counseling staff delights in fostering this growth and counseling each student to be their best.

The role of college counseling is to help students translate their unique abilities and interests into post-secondary education goals, and ultimately, satisfying careers. It is our intent to provide students with the tools, resources, and individual support necessary to discover the colleges that best fit their skills and aspirations. To that end, we help students understand the admission process, consider upper school curriculum options, research colleges, narrow their choices, and apply to a variety of suitable schools, all the while keeping in mind that the Lord has a plan for each of them. We strive to make the process manageable, personal, and enjoyable for each family.

The end goal of college counseling is not admission to one 'perfect' college. There is no such place. Our aim is to know our students well, so that as they begin to make decisions about their future we are able to guide them toward colleges where they can thrive. Danna markoff,
Director of college counseling

Boasting an annual college acceptance rate of 100%, our students are offered admission to selective colleges and universities including Brown, Princeton, NYU, University of Southern California, Georgetown, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Texas at Austin, Imperial College London, England, Emory, Davidson, Duke, UNC-CH, NC State, Wake Forest, UVA, Johns Hopkins, Washington and Lee, College of William and Mary, Georgia Tech, and University of Washington. For a complete listing of where our students are accepted, please see our school profile.

College Counseling Program Details

St. David's counseling program is designed to promote a college-going culture and help students focus their academic and extracurricular activities to support their college admission goals.

St. David’s School is an institutional member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and supports the membership policies and ethical principles included in their Statement of Principles of Good Practice. Our students are encouraged to read and abide by the NACAC Student Rights and Responsibilities.