Academics at St. David's

St. David's School is a premier academic community with Christian faculty, dedicated to the joy of learning and the lively pursuit of truth.

The academic curriculum – from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade – positions the school and its students on the forefront of cutting-edge teaching methods. But what gives St. David’s its distinctive quality is the security of its foundation: a strong reliance on the tradition of learning, from its ancient inception to the present.

Fresh thinkers are especially successful when they are able to apply to their work a deep understanding of what has come before them.

A fusion of tradition and innovation defines St. David’s educational program. We continue to read canonical literature, not only because our students can bring new insights to the text (they can), but because eternal truths never go out of style. We continue to paint and to sing, not only because artists can help engineers solve design problems (they can), but because art and music are beautiful. We continue to study history and government because our world needs bold and creative minds to solve the problems it faces.

At St. David's, we at once respect the pervasive influence of tradition and are courageous in our efforts to build upon it.

Spotlight On: Innovation and Design Thinking