Academic Support Program

In order to optimize student learning, St. David’s School offers two avenues of educational support: In-class accommodations and individualized instructional services scheduled during the school day.

For students needing additional support during the school day, St. David’s is pleased to offer educational support to help those students succeed in the classroom. To qualify for support, the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Documentation, within the past three years, of a complete psycho-educational evaluation completed by a licensed psychologist, educational therapist, or, for Lower School students only, a speech/language pathologist report is acceptable.
  • Diagnosis of a learning disability, and/or ADHD, or identified area of significant weakness.

Options for educational support are designed to meet a student's individual needs, and thereby ensure the best outcome for each participant. Our two programs include:

If you would like more information about either service, please contact Andrea Adams at 919-782-3331, extension 379.

Students in the program go on to do very well in college, because they understand their own learning differences and are empowered with tools and methods for success.Andrea Adams,
academic support Department chair