Mission Driven

Our singular, focused mission permeates every aspect of St. David's School.

It defines who we are as a community of learning, and delineates our character and caliber of offerings. It distinguishes St. David's from other competitive college preparatory schools. It informs every decision St. David's leaders make in directing the daily life of the school, and in charting a deliberate course for its future.

We know that God sets each of our students on a pilgrimage along "a more excellent way" (Romans 12:31) , complete with peaks, valleys, contours and obstacles, all unique to each individual student. Our Portrait of a St. David's Graduate charts a journey for each student knowing that at the end of their time at St. David's they will be on their way to becoming uncommon people who seek Christ, pursue excellence, lead with humility, persevere through challenges, embrace learning and collaborate generously.

In the classroom, in the arts, on the fields and courts of play, among our faculty and facilities, within the local and global community--on every front, St. David's School strives to achieve the greatest of expectations. 

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Christmas 2017

St. David’s is an independent school in the Episcopal school tradition that prepares young men and women for college and life by challenging them to excel in the vital areas of faith, virtue and knowledge.

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People really notice when you value them, and I always noticed how much
St. David's valued me.Brooke Robbins, alumna 




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56% of faculty school wide and 78% of Upper School faculty hold advanced degrees.



750 made-from-scratch meals served daily.


17 opportunities for educational travel beginning in the Middle School and continuing throughout Upper School.


More than 36 athletic teams, 3 art studios, 6 choirs, 6 bands and 3 theater productions annually offer students opportunities to explore their passions.


400 signatures added to the Honor Pledge each year during the Honor Pledge Signing Service.

All School

6 local and national guest speakers on average each year as part of the school's annual Speaker Series.

College Counseling

81% percent of the class of 2023 received merit scholarship or honors program offers averaging more than $204,000 per scholarship recipient.

Lower School/ Technology

15 70-inch interactive displays, 4 digital signs, and 26 iMacs in two labs support collaborative learning in a secure, robust environment.

Upper School

US 2024

St. David’s graduates are confident in their ability to use their minds and motivated to live their lives in pursuit of goodness, truth and beauty.

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Middle School

At St. David's, we celebrate the middle school years, recognizing their formative potential for shaping hearts, minds and imaginations.

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Lower School

St. David’s Lower School seeks to engage and challenge students’ minds and capture the joy and excitement of learning.

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