Pursuing Athletic Excellence Through
  • Faith
  • Virtue
  • Knowledge



We are proud of our coaches at St. David’s School. We appreciate their hard work and dedication in molding our student-athletes into young adults who will venture forth into the world and have a positive impact on society. Our coaches work to develop faith, virtue and knowledge on a daily basis in tune with our philosophy of keeping Christ first. In a coach’s voice, here are 10 reasons why they do what they do.

  • I develop you to lead because your company, community and country will eventually need you to.
  • I insist you do the right thing because I want you to look in the mirror and be proud of who you are and what you stand for.
  • I require you to represent yourself with class because you will carry your reputation with you for the rest of your life.
  • I discipline you because I want you to learn there is a right way and a wrong way to do things and treat people.
  • I insist you pay attention to detail because you’ll soon realize that the little things are the BIG things.
  • I ask you to sacrifice for the team because true success means being a part of something far greater than yourself.
  • I implore you to give your best because I don’t want you to look back on this season, your career or life with regrets.
  • I put you through adversity because you’ll need the persistence to overcome far greater adversities in your life.
  • I expect your commitment because I know your family and job will.
  • I do everything I do because I want you to become the absolute best version of yourself and develop into the responsible and respected adult your family, friends, coworkers, community and the world all need you to be. I coach because I care.

Coaches are a major reason why St. David’s athletics has won six Wells Fargo Cups for overall excellence. We thank them for helping make Warrior athletics one of the most respected programs among private schools in North Carolina.

Field of Dreams Becomes a Plural Reality

Five years of planning, designing and constructing came together seamlessly on a gorgeous, sunny Tuesday in early May as all three fields and the tennis courts came alive with competition for the first time at the brand new St. David’s Satellite Athletic Complex.

Baseball fans relaxed in the bleachers and lawn chairs as a cool breeze wafted through the trees. Tennis fans watched the Warriors from the courtyard as balls whizzed past on both sides. Well-positioned lacrosse patrons could rotate a half turn and follow the soccer action as well.

“I thought it was awesome,” said Assistant Athletic Director Alan Hinnant, who has been part of the project since the beginning. “It’s a great feeling to have something your athletes and school community can call home. It’s amazing that we can walk around and see four St. David’s teams in action at the same time, We are very fortunate to have this property inside the Beltline so close to our campus.”
St. David’s purchased the 30 acre former golf driving range off Yonkers Road in 2012 and broke ground that fall. The boys soccer team was the first team to play on the first field in the fall of 2013 and won a state title a year later at the newly dubbed “Field of Dreams.” An adjacent field served as a soccer practice area, then evolved into the home field for girls lacrosse. The tennis courts and the baseball field joined them this spring.

“This project has transformed from the original plan,” said Hinnant. “A ton of people have been involved in getting this complex where it is and there is more to come. In the early stages and Sherry Kapelar had a huge role in the planning process. We were fortunate that our board gave the two of us a lot of leeway to design and build what we needed. Ricardo Viera has done a great job implementing what we designed and (Facilities Director) Dave Geesey has served as the project manager. Board members Phil York and Jule Smith have been instrumental in getting us to this point.“

More amenities are on the way. The new multi-purpose field house will be ready soon and will include a concessions area, picnic tables, team rooms and a changing room for officials and umpires.

“This is the culmination of many people’s due diligence,” said Viera. “I’ve only been here eight months, but it’s been really neat to see it all come together. We are proud and grateful and it will be an unbelievable facility when it’s all finished.”